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Your building isn't just the most expensive investment your organization owns, it's also where you and your employees spend nearly a third of your life! Carolina Sound understands and respects both your facility and how you use it. Our installations are, first-and-foremost, functional for you! A top-notch communications system doesn't do you much good if it's poorly installed, causing you just the headaches that high-tech equipment is supposed to help you avoid! Our installers are trained and experienced in helping you get the most from your system. This means that every piece of your system is installed with three main concerns: Long-term reliability, excellent ergonomics and a positive aesthetic appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Your system works efficiently and looks good!
  • Your long-term service costs are reduced by careful installations!
  • Clever installers help you get the most out of your communications investment!


Just a brief click on our Testimonials page will show you that we serve an immensely diverse group of businesses, from fast-food restaurants to prisons, from grocery stores to college campuses. What do they have in common? Simple: their communications systems are critical to their mission. They count on Carolina Sound because they know that our attention to detail during an installation means less down time, lower repair costs, and a more efficient organization.

Carolina Sound isn't the cheapest low-voltage contractor on the block because we believe that there is always a market for quality. And when have you ever regretted buying the best?