Carolina Sound Communications


For more than 85 years, we have a proven history of dedication to the success of our business partners and the audiovisual industry as a whole.  As technology becomes ubiquitous and expected, and systems continue to move to the network, we've strategically evolved our solutions to address techniligy challenges in related industries such as IT and security.  Our well-rounded, expansive portfolio and decades of expertise offer our prtners a unique value: Our ability to serve many markets with interconnect and integrated solutions designed with intention.

The love of sound is Biamp's reason for being, and has been since their founding 35 years ago. They have grown to be an acknowledged international leader in professional installed audio electronics. Their staff still shares a passion for sound that resonates through every product and every decision the company makes.

Bose speakers have been synonymous with great sound for nearly seven decades. Bose Professional speakers and electronics extend that legacy into a product line that not only sounds great, but is engineered to survive punishing climates year after year. Carolina Sound proudly installs Bose Professional equipment.

Crestron has been the world's best-known and best-performing building automation manufacturer for decades. But you may not know that they are also a leader in digital video distribution with their DigitalMedia line. Carolina Sound has DigitalMedia certified technicians (DMC-T) and engineers (DMC-E) on staff to make your presentation environment dazzling. Carolina Sound also has a Crestron Certified Programmer on staff to ensure your touch screen, iPad and Android interfaces are clean, intuitive and fun. Crestron provides extensive commercial lighting control solutions, window shades, energy management systems and more. Let us show you how good a control system can be!

In business since 1902, Draper is a leading US manufacturer of projects screens, window shades, and lifts/mounts. Draper prides itself in offering the quality, affordability and innovative designs home theater customers have come to demand.

Whether you are planning a dedicated home theater room or the integration of AV equipment into an existing room or home automation system, choose quality Draper products.

The Electro-Voice advantage in distributed audio is our “total system” approach. Each Electro-Voice product is designed with the whole system in mind. As these examples illustrate, Electro-Voice can offer a complete, input-to-output solution, from the paging microphone to the ceiling speaker. Each component is designed to work together, resulting in simple system designs and user-friendly operation. We offer a wide range of options in every product category; from surface-mount speakers to paging horns to power amplifiers, multiple models are available that allow the system designer to precisely address any installation challenge.

Several of their innovations have been awarded US patents. Each discovery opens new avenues for investigation, fresh opportunities for improvement. After 20 years of development, the real excitement is just over the horizon. That’s why their founder Harro Heinz can still be found in our facility every day. That’s why their team of dedicated professionals can’t stop taking work home at night. That’s why discriminating audio professionals worldwide rely on them to help them set new standards of reference in sound reinforcement.

Shure microphones are known the world over as offering great sound as well as great reliability. Add in simplicity of operation and you have a winning combination for your microphone needs. Whether you need performance mics, installed mics or wireless systems, Carolina Sound can provide a Shure solution.

You may have grown up listening to the legendary Klipsch Horn home speakers. You may not have known that the speakers bringing movies to life in your local theater were Klipsch. What you should know is that Klipsch Business Music speaker systems offer the clarity and volume you've always wished for in your business music system.